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We provide pro bono legal aid services                                            

Enhancing access to justice for indigents, marginalised and vulnerable people in the society

Welcome to the Public Interest Law Partnership (PILP), a one-stop center, with over 200 partner law firms and non-governmental organisations here to provide free legal services to eligible individuals, families, organisations and small business owners. The LPILP clearing house assists applicants in criminal, civil and administrative matters.

Our LPILP project officers navigate you to the services you require.

We provide:

  • Legal advice and information

  • Legal representation of persons of limited means in civil or criminal matters

  • Case management

  • Counseling for adults and children

  • Crisis intervention

  • Legal representation or counseling to charitable, religious ,civic, community, governmental and educational organisations in matters that are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited means

  • Civil rights and public rights law: representation or advocacy on behalf of individuals or organistations seeking to vindicate rights with broad societal implications where it may be inappropriate to charge legal fees

  • Community economic development: representation or counseling to businesses owned by persons of limited means for the purpose of community economic development

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