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New PILP Online Portal

Join us to be one of the first to try out our new online public interest portal prior to the official launch.

Through the portal, we are seeking to automate the processes and procedures of the scheme to increase access to our services for pro bono applicants, lawyers and all other stakeholders throughout the country. We have designed an extensive software that will be capable of interacting with all of our public-private partnership stakeholders, including partner clearinghouses, in order to more efficiently match pro bono applicants with the services they need. 

The online platform will provide an opportunity to effectively share relevant information relating to unrepresented indigent awaiting trial inmates from our government database to available pro bono lawyers who are willing to provide free legal services to the inmates. The system will further allow the pro bono managers to expand their legal clinic efforts with law students and also more easily provide legal assistance to business owners of limited means, thus engaging in community economic development. Additionally, survivors of domestic and sexual violence will be able to more easily access pro bono legal assistance in a timely and secure manner. Overall, the online platform will enable us to collaborate more efficiently and sustainably with all partners thereby ensuring an increase in access to justice in our community.

Click Here to sign up!

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