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What We Do

The Lagos Public Interest Law Partnership (LPILP), envisioned by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, began as a simple concept; to create a 1-stop location that would provide effective, comprehensive pro bono legal services, where legal aid may be limited, to indigent, disadvantaged, marginalized residents in the community, in a collaborative and coordinated way.


The LPILP is a public-private partnership that seeks to develop the legal pro bono culture in the country and guarantee access to justice to every resident of the country irrespective of means, sex, ethnic group, place of origin, religion or political opinion.

The scheme is made up of over 200 partner law firms, organisations and programs that provide free legal services and support to individuals, families and business owners of limited needs who require legal assistance in criminal, civil and administrative matters.


To accomplish its goals, LPILP employs a delivery model known as the ‘Clearing House’. The Clearing House platform is a pro bono network for individuals and NGOs underserved by other public systems and it can be replicated in other Nigerian states.

The LPILP clearinghouse is managed by our highly professional staff, and is located at the Magistrate’s court, Ogba, where a high volume of cases involving indigent and marginalized citizens are heard. The pro bono services include legal defense in criminal matters, representation of the poor in litigation, legal advice to NGOs, assistance with registration of small local economic enterprises, amongst many other public interest matters.

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